historische spaziergänge

Walks through town and parks

  • Around Ehrenburg Palace:
    • Starting with Ehrenburg Palace, Moriz Church (main church), Duke Casimir’s Grammar School "Casimirianum" from 1605, Münzmeisterhaus/Mintmaster’s House 14th century, Market Square, Schlossplatz/Palace Square with Theater and Opera House, Palais Edinburgh, Arcades and the monuments.
  • Tour of the monuments in the Hofgarten/Court Garden
  • Through the Court Garden to the Veste Coburg: a tour of the grounds to the fortifications and outer buildings of the Veste Coburg
  • The romantique charmes of Rosenau landscape garden:
    • The setting of Rosenau palace, the outer buildings, the pleasure grounds with hermitage, grotto, waterfall, obelisk, ponds, palm house, teahouse, "European Museum of Modern Glass".